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Bringing purpose to life

Working to make enduring impact on our world

From local charity fundraisers to rapid pandemic support, Fusion Investors has a long heritage of donating time and resources to help build stronger communities around the world.

Putting people first amidst COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 has been unprecedented, creating an urgent need for more medical facilities and resources. Since the onset of the pandemic, Fusion Investors has been working closely with local communities around the world, using existing warehouse areas as testing centres, opening up commercial parking lot space to accommodate for increased hospital staff, and partnering with grocery stores and food banks to help essential workers and at-risk populations.

Additionally, the health and well-being of our 2,800+ employees operating across 24 countries remains imperative, and we’re actively monitoring the pandemic everywhere we operate. Thanks to large, globally-dispersed teams that can safely move operations to alternate locations, our infrastructure is built to ensure that all aspects of client portfolio management remain steadfast.

Fusion Investors Serves

The Fusion Investors Serves programme encourages our employees to get involved in causes that matter most to them. We believe that harnessing our collective power as individuals and as a firm can make a difference in the lives of others through community activism, social service, educational advancement, and cultural enrichment. This is why we offer our employees:
  • Year-round company match donations
  • Options for monthly payroll deduction donations
  • Paid time off for volunteering
  • Support for organising community wellness events
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